Right. People who were convinced of the moon landing being a hoax will certainly see and accept the truth now without further question or delay. I am utterly convinced of that. Because they're all rational people who will definitely be convinced by a computer animation, where photographic, videographic and… » 9/19/14 9:22am 9/19/14 9:22am

There are many unbroken codes. That's pretty much what any kind of consumer cryptography relies on. Doesn't mean they can't be broken. Besides, OTPs (when properly used) can't be broken despite the cipher being known. Kryptos for now relies on the cipher being unknown (see also: Kerckhoffs' principle). » 9/15/14 9:39pm 9/15/14 9:39pm

This kind of reminds me of my late granny and my aunt (her daughter). Both firmly believe(d) that fresh bread would make them sick. Now my granny had quite a lot of siblings and it is my believe that her parents told them so because older bread doesn't taste as good so you would want to eat less and it can be sliced… » 9/09/14 7:38pm 9/09/14 7:38pm